One of the most important things for us when looking for new products is working with makers and small businesses who speak to the G&T ethos obvs. Being in Hackney we are surrounded by so many amazing local makers, Ruut Home being one of them!!

Ruut have a beaut range of plant pots, coasters, candlestick holders and other homewares, all in really refreshing designs and made using eco friendly materials and processes. What's not to love?!

Born out of a lockdown-fuelled plant obsession (sound familiar, anyone?), we're so excited to be stocking Ruut, and loved catching up with founder and creator Jamie Boyle to find out more!

Tell us a bit about what inspired you to start Ruut?

I really got into plants during the first lockdown since I was spending so much time at home, however felt frustrated about the lack of planters that I actually liked. Initially I planned to make my own just for myself but partly out of boredom I decided to start an Instagram and an Etsy account and the initial response was better than I expected, and it all started to snowball from there. 

We're so excited to have your work in stock! Your pots are beautiful. Tell us a bit about the process behind making them?

I mostly use a material called Jesmonite which is a versatile and eco friendly product which can be used to create just about anything!  Each item is individually pigmented and hand poured, meaning each product is unique. All of my items are handmade by myself in my studio in East London. 

What would your top tip be for someone wanting to take their lockdown hustle full time? 

The best piece of advice I was ever given was to just keep going - there's several times when running your own business that you will want to pack it all in, as there are a lot of ups and downs, but as long as you learn to take the rough with the smooth you’ll be ok. Also learn your limits of what you can take on, and learn when to say no. That one I’m still learning myself… 

I see you're an East London local! We always love to hear about any favourite East Londons spots and recommendations you might have?

Smokestak is worth going to for the sticky toffee pudding alone, Santo Remedio in Shoreditch for tacos and bottomless Margaritas, and for a night out, The Glory is my go-to. And the Barbican conservatory - for obvious reasons!

It wouldn't be a Grace & Thorn interview without us asking what's your favourite plant, and why? 

I love just about any Alocasia at the moment, in particular Zebrinas and Portodora’s - they look stunning in any room! I’m also currently obsessed with my new Philodendron Xanadu. So basically pretty much anything big and leafy gets my vote!  

Amen to that! Any plant care wisdom to impart?

Hmm, I feel like I’ve killed one or two plants too many to answer this one confidently. Just don’t forget to water them and you’re off to a good start! 

 Have we tempted you? Check out our range of Ruut goodies here!

All photos courtesy of @ruuthome, give them a follow to see more gorgeous stuff!

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