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9th January 2017

Words by Nik Southern

At a time when we are all despairing with the world and the humanity of its people (and one American in particular), picking up a shovel or ploughing your hands through some soil could not feel more encouraging. Gardening, floristry and plants; call it the planets serotonin pharmacy. Not only is everyone getting up to speed that this is all nettle soup for the soul but plants are now seen as staple design pieces for the home. Never before can so much be achieved with some classy pots and free wielding asparagus fern. It is only a matter of time before we are all singing from the same green-fingered hymn sheet. The green revolution has begun. Vive la plant!

Indoors or outdoors dressing a space with flowers and plants has never been so mood shaking and exciting; not only does it give us a feeling of instant style gratification from the moment we find our plants perfect spot but it is the gift that keeps on giving, watching it grow and develop like our very own child or pet dog.  No wonder everyone wants a piece of the plant ass. As our mums would say everything comes back around, who knew spider plants would find its place in a Homerton ‘hipster hangout’ circa 2016…who are we kidding of course they would. Tomatoes clearly can be grown anywhere, all you need is a pot and a sunny windowsill and not to mention the flowering courgette. A visit to a Brixton flat this weekend deemed the impossible possible with windows framed by creeping vegetable vines, giving a Tuscan vibe to this very urban space and no doubt some damn fine organic produce. It all goes to show that everyone’s doing it, channelled by the passion of a few and brought to the masses, forget Saturday night Drum n Bass raving, it’s all about Grime and germination.

Grace & Thorn Wants YOU to join our green revolution:

Sign up to a green fingered workshop: We encourage all our peeps to practice a sort of ‘green’ mindfulness during our workshops as it is a very rare opportunity to completely switch off from the world and be creative with nature. It pulls people back to a simpler way of being, if only for an hour and allows you to appreciate what you would normally take for granted.

Forget the bottle of cheap plonk you had in mind for Sandra’s birthday BBQ offering. Take a houseplant instead. It’s far more thoughtful, won’t give anyone an unpleasant hangover and as long as they keep it alive it will be a constant reminder of the green god/goddess that you are. Bang on trend and a cleaner greener booze alternative.

No matter how big or small, if you got a patch of soil then rake, rattle and roll.  We say go bold and go green with outdoor ferns and grasses. Or make it a practical spot and get the allotment vibes started, mixing the bee friendly flowers with the onion bulbs. Both rewarding and impressive; the perfect urban River Cottage.