Asparagus Densiflorus Sprengeri

Happy at home in woodland or on the coast


Care rating Total diva
Pot size 12cm
Height Approximately 30 - 40cm inc. pot

*Please note that measurements are approximate and each plant will vary

How not to kill
Back to the roots

Our houseplant friends never forget their roots, and they’ll always be the most content when their surroundings mimic their natural environment. This spiky show off is native to South Africa and loves a bit of shade and a bit of sun, so bright indirect light is the perfect combo.

An interesting fact about the asparagus fern is that she’s actually a bit of a poser – she’s more Lily than fern and you wouldn’t want a mouthful of her luscious leaves. Full rays are a definitely one to avoid, because this spoiled lady is prone to sunburn. An easy grower, once she starts to look too big or roots make their way out of the soil you’re going to want to buy her a bigger home pronto.  

A little helping hand - With every houseplant we send out you get a handy little guide to help your new plant live its best life, including where they'll want to live and how often they like to drink.

A fast mover with a bite, in the wild the asparagus fern is considered invasive and won’t give up her home without a fight. Watch out for her thorns because although she might be soft to the touch on the surface, if you delve a little deeper there’ll be blood. Don’t be afraid to put on some gloves and get out the scissors, though. A haircut in the winter is always welcome to help her grow big and bushy. Oh, and she’ll welcome a good meal every so often. Feed once a month in the summer when the growing pains are in full swing. If you gave this girl a bottle she’d drink it in minutes, but she’s not unfamiliar with drought so if you’re a bit forgetful she won’t hold it against you. Yellow leaves are a sure sign of thirst and they’ll start to pop up if she goes without a sip all week. Unlike her namesake this houseplant is definitely not delicious sautéed in butter so don’t get inventive with your dinner choices. Keep her firmly away from pets and children and everyone will be happy.

Growing anywhere and everywhere is the name of the game with the asparagus fern. A definite fast grower, she can be trained to throw shapes with some fishing wire but she’s just as happy to hang loose in a basket or trail from a bookcase. Look out for different varieties, because this is a family of many siblings and they come in all shapes and sizes. She’ll throw out an extra limb every so often to climb toward the light, which we always tend to just leave to it’s own devises.

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