Bermondsey Street Bees Hand Rolled Beeswax Candles (2 Pack)


A set of four hand rolled natural beeswax dinner candles.

A set of two 34cm tall dinner candles designed to fit standard candlesticks. Made from 100% natural beeswax with no additives, these candles are individually hand-rolled by Bermondsey Street Bees and feature a braided cotton wick. They have a distinct honey smell and a burn time of between 5 and 8 hours.

Please note that the colour of the natural wax can vary greatly according to season.

For many centuries, the value of beeswax greatly exceeded the value of honey. Beeswax burns clean and is said to emit atmosphere-cleansing negative ions. This made it perfect for church candles, keeping stained glass windows soot-free and creating meditative space. The church used many thousands of tons of beeswax every year until very recently, making it a valuable trade commodity. Today beeswax still fulfils hundreds of industrial uses, from artisan cheese rinds to lost wax metal castings. It’s a valuable product for the bees too, as their entire life is lived in and on the wax comb that they build; using eight pounds of honey energy to create just one pound of wax. It is vital then, never to waste any wax. Bermondsey Street Bees’ extraction process is designed to generate as little waste wax as possible, but any residues are saved, washed, melted down and sold to artists or chefs. If there were any further wax, it would be recycled into the making of wax foundation for the hives.


Pure beeswax


Four pure beeswax dinner candles, hand rolled by Bermondsey Street Bees from wax sheet. Each candle is 34cm high and will fit a standard candle holder.

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