Chinese Money Plant


Name Check:

Chinese Money Plant aka Pilea peperomioides. Hails from China. Obvs.

Difficulty Rating;

Handle with care, if their lower leaves are dropping it means you are giving them too much to drink. In this case, also make sure that the soil is draining okay.

The Deets:

This is as close as you are going to get to growing money on trees. Their large, round and leathery leaves look like coins on the end of a long, thin, succulent-like stem.

Pot Size: 11-14cm

Please note not all of our plants are in stock, as soon as we have it we will send it to you, usually within 7 days. Also please note that this photo will differ from the plant you receive, just like we are every plant is unique!


Care Rating

As easy as ordering Chinese (just watch not to overwater)

Pot Size

12 - 15cm


Approximately 15 – 20cm inc. pot

*Please note measurements are approximate and each plant will vary

How Not to Kill Your Chinese Money Plant.

Our money-maker is not a fussy girl. She’ll be happy with a lot of light as long as it’s not direct, or a shady spot if you don’t mind her leaves turning a shade or two darker. This houseplant is a slow grower but once she gets going a stalk will start to form, and she’ll want to practise her pirouette to get sun from all angles so just give the pot a turn every so often. Not a great lover of heat, she’s a room temperature kind of gal so she’ll keep your energy bills to a minimum. Never house her near a radiator either, because you might want to be toasty in winter but she definitely won’t. 

A good drink is a must, so really drench the soil when it’s watering time, but let it dry out completely each time. If her lower leaves start to droop you’re being a bit too generous with your schedule, so dial it back a bit. She’ll benefit from a shower or wipe every so often to get rid of dust as well. 

Despite being a member of the nettle family, the pilea could not be a softer companion. No harm would come to pets or children from an accidental chew on her leaves.


Back to The Roots.

We heard an interesting story about the Chinese Money Plant recently - she’ll bring you luck if she’s given as a gift. Look out for babies popping up in the soil around her or even on the stem itself as well. If you cut these off at the base and stick them in some water you’ll be able to grow a few more to give to friends and spread a bit of your own hand grown luck.

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