Herboo Wild Flowers Seeds


wildflower seeds for prairie like meadows.

One instant English meadow coming up, complete with lot's of nectar for bees and butterflies. In fact, this packet of wildflower seeds, a uk native mix has been created to attract them. Enjoy spotting a wide range of flower surprises in your own little meadow.

why it's special:

  • 100% wildflower seeds uk native flower mix with no grass seed. 
  • Over 40 species of wildflower including Foxgloves, Oxe-Eye Daisies and Borage.
  • Big on bringing the honeybees and pollinators to your garden space and promotes a diverse eco-system.

good to know:

Plant LightFull sun

Open PollinatedOpen pollinated

Fuss Free SeedsFuss free

Cut FlowersCut flowers

 Open pollinated, GMO free seeds.

Free delivery on this item only. 

Please note that this item is sent via 2nd class with Royal Mail.

Please allow for 5 working days from receipt of the order. 

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