Lace Aloe

Happy at home in the desert


Care rating An easy healer
Pot size 10cm
Height Approximately 15 - 20cm inc. pot

*Please note that measurements are approximate and each plant will vary

How not to kill
Back to the roots

Our houseplant friends never forget their roots, and they’ll always be the most content when their surroundings mimic their natural environment. Delicate as lace and just as pretty, this juicy lady is the plant world’s Florence Nightingale. A healer through and through, aloe gel soothes burns, cuts and bruises with a kiss. You’ll fall in love with her nicknames as much as we did; she was the plant of immortality back in the days of ancient Egypt and the wand of heaven to the Native Americans. Queen of the plants if there ever was one!

A little helping hand - With every houseplant we send out you get a handy little guide to help your new plant live its best life, including where they'll want to live and how often they like to drink.

If you’re a lover of sun you’ll get on like a house on fire, because this girl likes it hot. Hailing from Africa and a sunbather at heart, if you’re looking for a window dweller this is your gal. If she starts turning a few leaves brown or red she’s not put on enough sun screen, though, and you might want to move her back a little. Tolerant of dry conditions she may be, but this girl still likes a drink. Soak the soil and then wait for it to dry out completely before another go. If you notice dropped or nearly transparent leaves dial it back a bit. She’s not adverse to drought and she won’t mind a bit of a wait before you water again. Unless you’ve got a knife handy to get to that sweet, cooling gel, you’ll want to leave that tempting taste for a bit. Aloe vera skin is highly poisonous and really not a great way to start the day. Using teeth to get in is a no-no so keep pets and children at a safe distance.

We’ve touched on her healing powers already but this houseplant has shown you nothing yet. As well as being a general all rounder when it comes to skin that needs healing, she’s the next best thing to a glass of milk in a smoothie when it comes to calcium. A happy alternative to mouthwash, you can gargle aloe juice to get rid of pesky plaque. Your stomach will thank you as well. When consumed, aloe gel is great for healthy digestion. Indigestion, upset stomach or ulcers? No problem! Joint inflammation? She’ll help alleviate that too. And why stop there? She’ll detoxify the air of pollutants found in everyday cleaning products and she has an in built Geiger counter – if there are too many harmful chemicals in the air she’ll let you know by breaking out in brown spots. I dare you to try and find yourself a smarter cookie than that.

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