Smudge Sticks



Need to get rid of some bad vibes? CLEANSE YO'SELF / someone else / your gaff of that rubbish juju and start again. 

Yes, we are big ole hippies but research has proven that burning sage removes a whopping 94% of bacteria in the air! 

Sage spirit sticks are made with Sage from New Mexico and can be combined with a number of different herbs and dried flowers, all which have healing properties (and smell incredible). Each ingredient is considered a sacred herb used for centuries by Native Americans in their 'Smudging' ceremonies. 

All instructions are included with your Sage stick.

Available in:

  • Blue Sage & Dragons blood - Cleansing of negativity / Heavy protection
  • Sage & Lavender - Protection / Healing & purification
  • Pure Sage  - Heavy Protection
  • Sage & Copal - Stimulating & Energising 
  • Sage & Sweetgrass - Protection & Healing 
  • Sage & Pinon - Purifying & Balancing 
  • 4 Directions - Sweet grass, Sage, Juniper & Kinnikinnick - Cleansing of negativity / Balance & Harmony / Invite positivity / Spiritual ceremonies

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