Stingray Alocasia


Alocasia Macrorrhizos ‘Stingray’

Stingray Alocasia

Happy at home in the rainforest

Rating – A little fussy but boy, does it pay off in the long run

Our houseplant friends never forget their roots, and they’ll always be the most content when their surroundings mimic their natural environment. Like her elephant eared cousin that means indirect bright light, so close to a window where he can catch some rays without scorching. Mist on the regular and she’ll grow to love you. Don’t be too hasty in finding her a new home, either. It might look snug and full of roots in there but she likes it tight.

Pot size – Choice of 12cm or 19cm

Height – Approximately 40cm or 90cm inc. pot

**Please note that these measurements are approximate and each plant will vary**

How not to kill your alocasia - Not one to hide out, this beauty can grow up to 2 metres tall if she’s in the right spot. Bright indirect light is key as long as she doesn’t come too close to touching the rays directly. If you start to notice brown spots on her luscious leaves she’s getting sunburn, so it might be time to rethink her location. This houseplant would cuddle up under a blanket if she could so turn the thermostat up to keep her happy; she won’t take the cold for too long. Not one for dry air, she’ll welcome a regular mist and the occasional wipe of her big leaves to ward off dust will always go down well. 

Lover of a bath, you should really soak the soil when you water this one. Leave the first couple of inches to dry out completely before you give her another drink, though, because nobody is a fan of a soggy bottom. Look out for new leaves coming out yellow, as this is her way of telling you that you’re giving her a bit too much water. A bit of a diva, if she’s unhappy she’ll throw herself down on the floor but don't worry; just adjust your watering schedule and she’ll perk up again in no time.

Try to avoid having a taste of those big leaves; they’re highly toxic when ingested. If your cat, dog or even toddler likes to eat anything green this gal is worth a miss, but don’t fret – we’ve got plenty of other pet and child friendly plants to choose from.

Back to the roots - Go ahead, read her name aloud and close your eyes. Think of dappled gold reflecting through the surface of the sea, undulating across the back of hundreds of beautiful stingrays as they twist and turn in liquid sunshine. The shape of her leaves are a massive clue in to her nickname and if she’s happy she’ll just keep adding to the shoal. Like her cousins, she’s a go big or go home kind of girl, and altogether they’re the mythical giants in the rainforests of Thailand that they’ve made their home.

A little helping hand - With every houseplant we send out you get a handy little guide to help your new plant live its best life, including where they'll want to live and how often they like to drink.

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