Q&A with Alex Monroe and the Language of Flowers

It's no secret that here at Grace & Thorn we love talking about plants and flowers as much we love, well, plants and flowers! 
We caught up with fellow nature-lover, the wonderful Alex Monroe, following the recent launch of his stunning ‘Language of Flowers’ range to discuss the collection and, of course, all things floral.
Alex Monroe's jewellery is synonymous with a very British sense of style, with each piece inspired by nature and nostalgia, and lovingly hand-crafted. It's not just flowers, but intricate insects, playful creatures and even vegetables - we would wear them all!
We had a little chat with Alex, here's what he had to say!
What first got you into making jewellery?
Right at the start it was necessity… I was a part time punk and needed to accessorise so I made a studded dog collar to go with my green pajamas for when the Boomtown Rats played in Ipswich. Then they had a jewellery workshop when I started foundation art, which I loved. And then when I didn’t get into fashion colleges (apparently green pyjamas weren’t quite the thing) I thought I’d get as near to fashion as I could by studying jewellery!
Where do you look for inspiration when creating new pieces or collections?
I keep sketch books, and note books and I collect everything I find when I’m out and about. They’re a bit like a visual diary but the point is that they’re full of ideas and thoughts so I can always just refer back to them if I need a bit of inspo. But also there’s so much to inspire you and it’s everywhere! Something on the tv, a book, the way people interact… there’s no shortage of amazing stuff to get you inspired! My go-to place is in nature though… out for a walk with the dogs or a nice visit to Chelsea Physic Garden… perfect
Any particular favourite flowers to craft?
Love them all. I haven’t got one perfect yet so plenty to keep me busy in the future.
We love your 'Language of Flowers' inspired campaign. If you could make a bouquet using the language of flowers to describe Alex Monroe, what flowers would you go for and why?
I’ve revisited this several times over the years and I don’t think I’ve got it absolutely right yet… I can’t get away from the aesthetics of each flower and I love the variety… so Forget-me-nots, Daisies, Buttercups and a wild rose or two… and we’ll put some Sage in there for longevity!
We also love your sustainable approach to jewellery making , do you have any other good tips for sustainability?
People Power! You have the power to make a difference. If you see something that isn’t sustainable, complain. And if you’re not sure ask the difficult questions. It’s amazing what changes an individual can effect if they just shout loud enough. Politics, the establishment, business, commerce… nobody is going to do anything if you don’t make them. Besides… I quite enjoy a good old complain now and then!

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