Like our signature bouquets, every Grace & Thorn funeral is unique.

Celebrate and remember life

Plants and flowers help us both celebrate and remember life. We will help you personalise the service, from a simple statement to a big bold burst of colour. To get in touch to discuss details, complete the form below and one of the Grace & Thorn team will get back to you. All our pricing is bespoke and we are happy to work to different budgets.


Bespoke Floral and Plant Arrangements, Pot Rental, Bespoke Structure Builds, Installation & Take Down




  1. Complete the enquiry form.
  2. Once you have enquired, we will get back you to discuss your thoughts for the service. We are happy to be guided or to guide you through our bespoke arrangements.
  3. When these are agreed, we will send you a personalised quote.
  4. After payment is received we will deliver to you.