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As a child growing up on a London Estate, it was the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree in the front room of my Grandparents home that had me mesmerized. My Nonna would tell me tales about the Fiddle Leaf Fig, drawing on her own Italian childhood in Puglia, so far removed from mine it was if she had plucked it from a story book. The fact that the tree existed within the walls of a house, not in a park, made this a specimen of awe and wonder for a city child. When I opened Grace & Thorn in 2011, I was tired of seeing uninspiring rows of houseplants in plastic brown pots next to flowers forced into tight bouquets struggling to breathe, so I decided to do my own thing and bring out the best in plants, ready for their next home and encourage flowers to dance and sing! Since then my philosophy has been simple: help people to see plants in a different way. The Fig tree was, of course, my first baby, but my garden has since grown, offering to give anyone within urban dwellings a chance to start plant stories of their own.

Keep it Green.

Nik x


After 10 years working in recruitment, Nik Southern founded Grace & Thorn in 2011. Opening her tiny floral studio onto East London’s busy Kingsland Road, her philosophy was simple: help people in the city live a greener life. Drawing on the worlds of art and fashion rather than traditional florist designs, Grace & Thorn plays with unique combinations of textures and patterns so no two pieces are ever the same. An asymmetrical style, focus on foliage, wicked pots and DIY classes (Macrame, anyone?) has attracted a cult following across London. Grace & Thorn now has roots in Hackney, Soho and Brick Lane with clients all over the UK. Nik’s first book, How Not To Kill Your Plants, will be published by Hodder in 2017.