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DIY Fresh Flower Kit

DIY Fresh Flower Kit


Hand selected by us, we package up a beautiful selection of fresh flowers, ready for you to arrange in your home. Please note that each box will vary, due to seasons and fresh flowers in stock. Please also note that the photo provided shows an example of the types of flowers you may receive.


Step 1: Choosing your vessel

It all starts with the vase—any will do. As a general rule of thumb, you will aim to make your arrangement one-and-a-half times the size of your vessel.


Step 2: Prepare your stems

Prepare each stem by stripping off any leaves that will be below the top of the vase—this will make arranging a lot easier for you. In your kit you will have a mix of focal, filler and foliage stems, lay these all out in front of you so they are easy to access .


Step 3: Foliage first

Place your sturdiest foliage at different angles into the vessel to create a skeleton, with the tallest bit to establish the top of your arrangement.


Step 4: Make a statement

Start adding your focal flowers. Don’t just place these straight into the jar but place them at an angle and start to create a natural grid on to which all the other flowers and foliage can sit.

Step 5: Fill ‘er up

Add your filler. You want to layer the filler and all the smaller interesting bits weaving throughout the focal flowers and foliage, again placing the stems in at different heights and angles to keep that natural, wild look.


Step 6: Finishing touches

Keep adding and building up your arrangement by grouping flowers. Take a step back and make sure you are happy with it all—don’t be afraid to move things around and try different things out.


Step 7: Display proudly

Show off your skills! Give your arrangement pride of place. Take a picture and make all your mates jealous!


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