If there's one flower that does it all it's the hydrangea. Not only is a true sign that summer is here, it gently sees through into the autumn months (kicking and screaming thought we might be) and can dry beautifully to keep the sunshine vibes in our heart all year long.

They're showy but demure, creating instant impact whether they're in your garden or in a vase. We love them so much they're one of our only arrangements that's nothing but feature flower!

French Hydrangea

Actually native to Japan, these are your classic big, round and juicy hydrangeas. You'll likely see these taking centre stage in a front garden in an array of pinks, lilacs and blues. They are the star of our Great Gatsby arrangement, named for the pure opulence these big boys bring.

Climbing Hydrangea

Way better than any bog standard ivy. Climbing hydrangea gives you dense greenery speckled with delicate flowers to give you a frontage fit for a fairy tale.

Hydrangea Paniculata

Like the French one but pointier. You'll find these beauties lining the borders of a lovely cottage garden, their soft pastel tones sitting pretty amongst the delphiniums and tea roses. 

Lacecap Hydrangea

AKA Butterfly Hydrangea, and it's easy to see why. Frothy delicate flowers sit like butterflies atop a lacy dome. Perfect for the more discerning gardener, these are the perfect hydrangea if you want something a little bit out there. A far cry from its French cousin, but no less impressive.

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