Words by Jessica Peace

If you’re gagging to start sowing your seeds then it’s time to get all Blue Peter on your windowsill. There are two options for your recycled propagator: the half bottle or the tray. Basically a ‘propagator’ keeps the seeds at a steady temperature so your plant babies can get going without any cold shocks killing them off.

THE TRAY (the easy one)

You just need a clear take away box, or a something flat to make a ‘base’ and something like a punnet you can use as a ‘top’. The base keeps your plant pot’s bottoms warm and the top the tips - perforate the ‘top’ if necessary, they need to breath.

THE HALF BOTTLE (with reservoir - fancy!)

Cut bottle in half, throw out lid.

Chuck some water in the base of the bottom half to make the ‘reservoir’ - think double shot for small bottle.

Turn top half upside down and perforate.

Place a thin scrap of fabric over the mouth and fill with your compost and seed - as though it’s your plant pot.

Sit the top in the bottom with the mouth in ‘reservoir’.

Shove both on sunny windowsill.

Ta dahhh!

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