Black Lives Matter

We at Grace & Thorn stand in solidarity against racism and are 100% committed to educating ourselves on what needs to be done - not only in response to the institutionalised racism that the Black Lives Matter movement has highlighted, but also on how we can become more diverse, anti-racist and supportive as a business and as part of our wider industry. It's something we want to actively participate in, and that we care a great deal about. 

We have been so inspired by the incredible voices and resources that have come to light in the last couple of weeks which have guided so much of the conversation we've had as colleagues and with our friends and families. We are hoping to build on these conservations by seeking to support, collaborate with and celebrate more black-owned businesses through our platform, and to begin discussions with our current suppliers and stockists to ensure they too are pushing for change.

We recognise that these are small steps, but we hope that they will positively contribute to the much larger challenge we face as an industry and in society, and that we will continue to adapt with the more we learn.

Please do get in touch if you have any initiatives or resources that you would like to share with us.

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