Here’s how to take Pelargonium, the ‘bedding’ style geranium cuttings and get making some plant babies...


Easy as


Grab a healthy stem, without a flower head or bud.

Size up your cutting to around 10cm.

Using a sharp, clean knife or pair of scissors, take the snip below a node - the bit where the leaf bursts out, this is where the growth hormones are.

Snip off all leaves from the lower half of the cutting, leaving just one or two at the top.

Shove your cuttings into firm, moist, gritty compost and plonk it somewhere warm and bright.

Press the soil daily to ensure it is slightly most - no soggy bottoms mate.

Roots will spring out in 6-8 weeks.

Ta daah! You’ve made a geranium baby!

To make more plant babies -  ‘cos you can’t have enough! Grab a copy of Nik’s book.

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