Spring is finally here!

As of 21st March, we can officially start to get excited for longer days, shorter nights and (hopefully) warmer weather ahead of us.

Feeling a primal urge to mark the joyous occasion? You wouldn't be the first - we've been celebrating the turn of the seasons for centuries, and here some our favourite traditions!


Clean it up

We've all heard about Spring cleaning before, and there really is something about the changing seasons that makes us feel more inclined to get up and finally declutter and cleanse. If you're planning a deep clean, why not top it off with a thorough smugding sesh to get your energies balanced and refreshed - bad vibes are so last season.

Grow something

With the guarantee of longer days and the promise of warmer weather, the spring equinox means we're well and truly into the time of years we can start sowing seeds and planning our summer planting. Need some inspiration on what to plant? Check out our seed collections - perfect for containers, window boxes and gardens alike!


Make a Spring altar

Any excuse for some flowers and candles if you ask us! Make your own little corner of seasonal joy with bright blooms and warm, fresh scents. You'll be feeling


Soak it all in 

There really is nothing like a walk in nature this time of year to feel the world waking up and to quite literally breathe new life into your body. Whether your outwards bound or just heading to the park, keep your eye out for blossom on the trees, flowers pushing through the soil and new growth everywhere. Bonus points if you get to feel some sunshine on your face too!

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