Words by Jessica Peace

Mate, you haven’t lived until you’ve smashed your home grown tommie over your Bloody Mary on a hot summer Sunday - and tommies are easy to grow like that Sunday morning so start sowing now.

You’ll need tomato seeds, seed compost, pots/bags with drainage holes, a sunny window sill inside OR a sunny, sheltered spot outside if you’re committed to flicking off slugs and snails.

First: Tomato ‘Speak’

Check your seed packet, if it says ‘cordon’ it’ll grow up and need strapping to a cane eventually; if that’s not your style choose a ‘bush’ - and grow a bush.

Basically, shove just your finger tip in your compost, drop the seed and cover. Make sure you’ve got about two inches between your finger holes. When your plant has grown a pair of sturdy looking leaves move it into a bigger gaff.

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