As you know, we're long time fans of David Attenborough (let's face it, who isn't?), so we were beyond thrilled to see that he's putting the spotlight on our favourite thing, PLANTS. BBC's The Green Planet is the latest in Attenborough's adventures into the wild bringing jaw dropping scenery directly into our living rooms, and an insight into the life of plants like you've never seen before. As he so eloquently puts it, "a parallel world that lives alongside us".

The series looks at this world from five different points of view over five episodes, kicking off with Tropical Worlds.

In Tropical Worlds, the crew head to rainforests where there are more species of plants than anywhere else in the world (as well as being the source of many of our fave houseplants). Expect intense colours, astonishing growth patterns and some pretty brutal survival techniques.

Next they head off land for Water Worlds, looking at some stunning and bizarre aquatic plants that are integral to some of the most complex ecosystem on the planet. We love this insane clip of the almost alien giant water lily:


Up next is Seasonal Worlds, looking at plants existing in some of our most polarised environments. From icy expanses to places regularly ravaged by wildfire, this episode is guaranteed to make you wonder why your houseplant is being such a diva about being near the radiator.

From here, we go to Desert Worlds. Dry, arid and hostile, yet the source of some our best loved plants (we're looking at you cacti and succulents). See these masters of survival are shown in all their glory.


The series finishes with Human Worlds, exploring our relationship with plants and what the future might hold. Expect hard truths and, as ever with David Attenborough, a resolve to do better to preserve our amazing planet.

We've been saying it for years. Plants are amazing. If David can't convince you, no one can.

Watch Green Planet at 7pm every Sunday this January on BBC1, or catch up on BBC iPlayer.  

All images have been sourced from @bbc

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