Hannah's Radish Ferment

Words by Jessica Peace

We asked our mate Hannah Grows for something easy to knock up and beat the post-festive blues. She’s come back at us with her ‘Radish and Ginger Jam Jar Ferment’, perfect as a side with rice, or straight from the jar.


500g radishes (Rudolf variety if possible)

1 thumb size piece of ginger

1 tsp of sea salt


1) Wash and slice your radishes into pound coin slices

2) Put your radishes and ginger into a large bowl and sprinkle sea salt

3) Scrunch the radishes and ginger through your fingers

4) Pack into a sterilised jam jar. Pour over all the liquid that was released with the salt and make sure the vegetables are fully submerged, this will enable the fermentation which is anaerobic to take place.

5) Weight down the radish and ginger with a sterilised stone or scale weight, and screw on the lid

6) Leave in your kitchen and initially unscrew the jar each day to release the carbon dioxide. Taste every few days. I think it’s great at three weeks, but your taste buds will tell you when it’s ready.

Read our interview with Hannah Grows here

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