Words by Jessica Peace

Before our big floristry class this Saturday we’ve been shooting the breeze on how we handle our blooms. Whether you’ve put a ring on it, you’re brightening up your gaff or stumbling about barefoot with flowers in your barnet - all three preferably, here’s how to stop your flowers going floppy.



Just a puff on the undersides - like blasting your armpits on a morning.

Keep away from your fruits!

Fruit blasts out something called ‘ethylene’ which ages your bouquet faster than one of those foil things your Mum had in the 80’s.

Play it cool...

Find a fridge at the church, a shady corner in the carpark or shove your arm out the window - just keep that posie cool. Exposing your bouquet to the heat is like putting your frizzy hair in a monsoon.


Braid wisely...

Unless you’ve got costume changes like Gaga, you want flowers with staying power - proper bruisers! Delicate guys like poppies and sweet peas are a fat NO for your bonce, but we like to shove these hardasses in our locks: waxflower for endurance; ranunculus for colour; and jasmine for scent.


Around the gaff...

We’ve actually been foraging around our gaffs for buttonholes. The asparagus fern has been used by the Irish for years: it’s sexy, feathery and doesn’t droop on you; succulents do the trick and are ‘button-shaped’ already; and the foliage on our fave house plants is often as tough as boots and highly decorative, snip off some painted-leaf begonia or prayer plant and wack it by your hanky.


Drop the scissors...

The stems need to be cut with a knife NOT scissors to keep the base open; think of your stem like a straw sucking up it’s last juice before the compost heap.

Warm sugar...

Don’t blast it under the cold tap, lukewarm water with a spoonful of sugar will be like giving your stems a lucozade.


Throw with abandon…

Rose petals are good but we’ve tried shaking a few other boughs... Right now the cherry blossom is waiting to be lobbed on your bed or at a passing bride; get out your loppers and shake it like a polaroid picture. Crush lavender flowers in your palms and get thousands of sweet purple love bombs to chuck at the aisle - this one’s not recommended for a sexy night in, unless you’re into heavy snoozing (happens to us all). In the summer bash sticks of lupins and delphiniums for rainbow showers. Hours of fun.

… If you’re thinking about floristry as another skill to add to your bow,  come down for a day sesh with us at Laboratory Studios this Saturday. BOOK HERE

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