How to throw a book launch party

Our very own Nik Southern, Grace & Thorn mastermind has only gone and brought out her own book. If we hadn’t shouted enough about it already, we needed to shout / laugh / dance about it some more. Details of the night as follows..

I love being a host, I relish in seeing people laughing and dancing. That’s what makes me happy.  I don't need an excuse for a party BUT what better excuse than the launch of my book ‘How Not to Kill Your Plants’?..

The first thing on my list was a band, being as it was a summer party (taken place in courtyard outside our shop in Brick Lane), I decided I absolutely wanted a band that screamed SUMMER VIBES. A reggae steel band is what I had in mind. I used to be part of a steel band at school and I bloody loved it. After scouring the internet I came across Faze 3, David Brewster's reggae caribbean steel band. TICK.

For the booze, I have some links (quelle surprise) so called upon our local friends East London Liquor Company and Our London Vodka to help us out with the cocktails and our very own “Plant Dad” Tom Gibson of Ruby’s would be running the bar… He came up with two genius recipes and we called them “Leaf it Out” and “Don’t be a Prick Mate”.

The day arrived and it was HOT HOT HOT! YES DAVID.

By 8pm the party was in full swing, drinks a flowing, books a signing...WHAT? weird very weird.. everyone who bought a book got me to sign it! I'll be honest after a few "Leaf it out mates" I was struggling to write, let alone get my head around this signing malarkey!

We had such a good crowd there, fashion peeps, beauty peeps, Journos, foodies, bookies and lots of friends and family! By 9pm IT ALL KICKED OFF..

I have never heard or seen so many people pissing themselves and having so much fun, David and his band, total legends had us all up dancing and singing. At one point I had a couple of journalists come up to me saying "THIS IS THE BEST BOOK LAUNCH EVER".

What a night, I feel so lucky to have great family, friends and so many people supporting me, I love being from London, I love all the friends (from local businesses) I have made since opening my shop nearly 3 years ago, we all look out for each other and there's a real sense of community and a mutual understanding that we all know how hard it is to run a business, but also that we wouldn't have it any other way. 

ANYWAY WHAT NEXT?......... As I said I love throwing a party and it's Grace & Thorn's Hackney shop 3 year anniversary in September.. the party will be open to all.. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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