Nice lil' jolly down to I'le de Ré

Words by Nik Southern
An hour and a half away takes you to an abundance of seafood, natural beauty (by the Sea) and of course great wine!

I've just come back from 5 days on the lovely I'le de Ré. So why go there?

It's a small island, with amazing bike trails which take you through the most magical, peaceful nature tracks (through poppy fields, vineyards and salt marshes) and along the sea. 

At the end of certain bike tracks there are oyster and seafood shacks, which serve the freshest seafood and the best wine! Touch! 

The island is only allowed to use 15 shades of colours for their houses, and whilst I am one for people doing what the fck they want with their just works!

The villages are simply beautiful with pastel tones, white shutters and rich dark green, obvs. The islanders really care for their home and you can find hollyhocks, rosemary and climbing roses outside most of their abodes. Simply stunning.

The port of St Martin-de-Ré is a great place to sit and while the day away people watching, with lots of restaurants to pick from and many are very, very good! Make sure you pay a visit to the small harbour town La Flotte and Ars-en-Ré the largest village on the island (please go to La Tour du Sénéchal - great food and deli, and a HUGE selection of wine).

Most of the restaurants and bars are fitted out so well; the French have a real love of old furniture mixed in with beautiful understated interiors (as do I).

Dinner at L'Avant Port
Cocktails at absolutely STUNNING gardens
Long lazy lunch and drinks at Le Bistrot du Marin
Buy some saucisson Le Bois-Plage, a daily morning market
Eat oysters at Ré Ostréa at the end of one of the bike trails!

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