It's a London Thing: Music Inspiration Part I

A few weeks back, we sent a newsletter containing a Spotify playlist of some songs that inspired our bestselling bouquets. From Nirvana to Nina, the playlist went down a storm, so we thought it was only right to pick out some of our absolute favourites and tell you about them in a bit more detail. 

 Les Fleurs - Minnie Riperton

What starts as a simple drum and acoustic guitar rhythm blooms into a soaring quasi-baroque stonker, elevated by Riperton's ethereal layered vocals. It's a song about the beauty of flowers, a cinematic soundtrack to the first blooms of spring.

Our Les Fleurs arrangement marries luxurious textures with a muted colour palette, with off-beat movement and texture provided by gentle wildflower combinations. Simply delicious.

Morning Glory - Oasis

If Definitely Maybe introduced the world to Oasis' Madchester groove, (What's the Story) Morning Glory? cemented them as one of the all-time greats. Morning Glory starts off simple enough with Oasis' signature driving guitars jangling above a helicopter rotary before swelling into a towering wall of sound. 


In Bloom - Nirvana

One of the more pop moments of Nirvana's epochal debut, In Bloom, shifts from menacing bass lines to explosive choruses, utilising the loud-quiet-loud dynamic that litters most of Nirvana's hits.

Our most popular bouquet (for good reason!), In Bloom is a seasonal mix of our favourite flowers, using the perfect combination of pastel and bright tones to pay tribute to one of the nineties' most influential rock albums. 

Wild is the Wind - Nina Simone

The title track from Nina Simone's sixth studio album is a masterclass in vocal control and piano prowess. Bass and percussion shimmer throughout until Simone’s trademark rising vocals, busy piano and clanging drums build to an emotional crescendo.

Our Wild is the Wind arrangement is made up of light pink roses and mottled hydrangea, an ode to Simone's smooth contralto tones.


Crazy Love - MJ Cole feat. Elisabeth Troy

A quintessential garage beat and staccato strings work together to reinvent the traditional love song into something euphoric yet mournful, equal parts happy and sad, all tied together with Elisabeth Troy's power vocals.
Always offering a romantic but off-beat alternative to the red rose bouquet, our Crazy Love arrangement includes reds, pinks and a heady mix of beautiful wildflowers.


Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

Boasting perhaps one of the most iconic rock riffs of all time, Smoke on the Water inspired a legion of bedroom guitarists to pick up the instrument and get their rock on. Shuffling hi-hats and distorted organ complete the groove of this '70s rock classic.

Our Smoke on the Water bouquet combines beautiful nudes and smokey tones to create colour, texture and vibrancy.


Second Sun - Bonobo

Second Sun – taken from Bonobo's Migration album – provides a moment of quiet reflection in an album packed with bold nuances. Rolling guitars, emotive strings and melancholy keyboards transport us to a meditative place, much like our bouquet of the same name.




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