Good for more than just nettle tea - nettles are everywhere this time of year and just a handful of the stuff is packed with more nutrients you can shake a stick at. 

If you're foraging for nettles, find a tall patch preferably away from the roadside (and out of a dog's legs reach) and go for the tops of the plant only (these are the most tender bits) - and always use protection - long sleeves and gloves are highly recommended!

This is botanical take on the classic vinegar rinse - nettle hair tonic not only gives you really clean, shiny, it also helps it grow and can even thicken it out to give you locks that would make Rapunzel jealous.


1 large bunch of fresh nettle tops

500ml water

500ml white wine vinegar

You can also add a spoonful extra aromatics of your own choosing - fresh or dried herbs, or flowers like marigolds, chamomile or lavender work great.



Simply simmer the nettles water and vinegar for 2 hours, adding extra herbs or flowers once off the heat. Allow the mixture to cool completely before straining through muslin. 

This recipe will make 1 or 2 applications depending on the length of your hair that will keep for around a week.

Use the rinse after shampooing and before conditioning for the freshest of barnets.


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