Grace & Thorn Life

Grace & Thorn’s offering has moved into homeware and interiors.  

It’s been very hard for our founder Nik not to keep buying up lots of homeware bits when she’s buying the pots for our stores. She has a love for all things interior and she thought it only natural that we offer this now in our Brick Lane store and online.

A lot of care has gone into sourcing, finding and curating just the right stuff for you lovely lot that can sit next to the flowers and plants we will continue to sell.

Grace & Thorn Life is all about creating a good moment (to get a bit hygge on you). Whether this is for your home, your office, your chalet (sure) or your shed, we know it's important to see both the domestic and personal life as an art form and not every day drudgery to get away from. Why not make it beautiful?

Nik has carefully selected the brands we are working with on 'Life' for their handmade individuality and we will be doing a monthly feature on our ceramists / illustrators / designers so you know a bit more about who you're buying from as well. 

So pop in now! Get a bit hygge with our cosy new lights, sumptuous glazes and fragrant candles. 

Can't make it down? Don't you worry, we'll make sure we keep adding new things to our online store.

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