As the new year takes hold we are finally starting to see some tentative signs of life returning outside and, if you're that way inclined, you might have started to think about getting those first seeds sown and ready to grow.

We've put together a little guide of when you can start growing from seed and how best to go about it to help you eager beavers out in your garden planning exploits.

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Rhubarb (in a heated propagator)

Geraniums (in a greenhouse)

Salad leaves (on your windowsill)



Cucumbers (inside, in a propagator)

Tomatoes (inside, in a propagator)

Basil (on your windowsill)

Broad Beans (straight into the soil if you've got a hardy variety)

Radishes (near to your house or around the edge of a greenhouse)



Poppies (straight into the soil)

Fennel (straight into the soil, ideally in a smaller bed)

Sweet peas (straight into the soil)

Carrots (straight into the soil)

Aubergines (inside, in a propagator)



Sunflowers (straight into the soil)

Strawberries (in a propagator)

Courgettes (in a propagator)

Pumpkins (in a propagator)

Marigolds (straight into the soil)



Cornflowers (straight into the soil)

Runner beans (in a propagator)

Nasturtiums (in pots or straight into the soil)

Peas (straight into the soil)

Borage (straight into the soil)



Winter Cabbage (in a propagator)

Beetroot (straight into the soil)

Spring onions (in drills into the soil)

Carrots (straight into the soil)

Nigella (straight into the soil) 



Forget-me-nots (straight into the soil)

Chard (straight into the soil)

Raddichio (straight into the soil)

Corinader (into pots outdoors or straight into the soil)

Perpetual spinach (straight into the soil) 



California Poppy (straight into the soil)

Winter pansies (into trays or pots outdoors)

Winter lettuces (into module trays outdoors)

Larkspur (straight into the soil for flowers next year)

Pak choi (straight into the soil)



Aquilegia (straight into the soil for flowers next year, cover with a cloche)

Ammi (straight into the soil for flowers next year)

Hardy geraniums (straight into the soil for flowers next year)

Eurphorbia (in trays indoors)

Spring flowering bulbs like daffs, and crocus (straight into the soil)



Wildflower seeds (straight into the soil for flowers next year)

Herbs like basil, parsley and dill (on your windowsill)

Spring flowering bulbs like alliums, and tulips (straight into the soil)



Sweet peas (in trays in a cool greenhouse or conservatory for flowers next year)

More Spring flowering bulbs (straight into the soil)

Winter lettuces (on your windowsill)



Begonias (in trays in a cool greenhouse or conservatory for flowers next year)

Snap dragons (in trays in a cool greenhouse or conservatory)

Spring flowering bulbs like hyacinths (straight into the soil)

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