With dappled grey and green heart-shaped leaves, this plant is oh-so-pretty but definitely not sickly sweet. This is gutsy cute. Just the kind we like. Trail the sculptural, decorative vines from a bookcase and marvel at their cascading prowess. And like all professional flirts, it adapts to different environments. Keep in low light and its leaves turn a lighter shade of green but expose it full to sun and you will find it goes a richer seaweed green. They aren’t just lovely to look at, they are pretty easy going when it comes to relationships. They have a tolerance for neglect and can still grow up to over 6ft... need we say more.


This heartbreaker is actually a hanging succulent, which means, watch the water! It started out in South Africa and was discovered by the curator of Durban's Botanic Gardens growing out of rocks on the side of a mountain. The evergreen succulent was sent off to Kew in London as a living plant where it subsequently grew pods of white and pale magenta flowers. Tease.


This charmer loves a good light. Keep it somewhere bright with a little direct sun. The good news is these little plant cupids hate soggy bottoms. Keep watering light in summer and almost non existent in Winter. ALways let the compost totally dry out before a fresh shower. Feed with a well balanced plant food once a month. When it starts to loose it's looks, give it a good haircut. You can re-grow the stem cuttings by pushing them back in the soil, giving it a big bold look that's lush with leaves.

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