Words by Jessica Peace

On the first night of his play ‘Lady Windermere’s Fan’ (1892), Oscar Wilde asked one of his actresses and the audience members to wear a green carnation. This started the trend for wearing green carnations amongst Wilde and his dandy disciples.

Fan of Wilde? The Green Carnation will intrigue you and get you livid; published anonymously by satirist Robert Hichens in 1894, the novel was based on Wilde’s homesexual relationship and was used as evidence in the trial that would see him banged up.

Foot fetish? Partial to a frilly bloom? 2016 saw two hot shoe designer’s throwing carnations onto their classic heels when Manolo Blahnik printed them on his ‘Hangisi’ heel and Oscar de la Renta popped a pompom on his ‘Lola’ pump.

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