Words by Jessica Peace

In Shakespeare’s play ‘Othello’ (1603 - ‘they’ think), the handkerchief that gets Desdemona into all that trouble is covered in strawberries.

Swedish auteur Ingmar Bergman wrote the film Wild Strawberries (1957) whilst convalescing in his hospital bed - hitchhikers, dream sequences and strawberry picking, you’re in for a deep ride mate.

'...Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields /Nothing is real /And nothing to get hung about /Strawberry Fields forever…’ Ooh and we would with go you, Lennon wrote this psychedelic anthem in the sixties about a Salvation Army park he used to play in.

Speaking of psychedelic, in the noughties experimental band Animal Collective were thinking of strawberries in their beats and splattered all over their album cover, ‘Strawberry Jam’.

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