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This Natural Chef is shaking up UK cooking nature style. Ceri Jones is giving master classes, pulling communities together to cook what they grow and fuelling yoga bunnies on retreats. She’s even created a FREE recipe app for us.

You were the UK's first 'natural chef', tell us about your approach to food
I like to keep food simple. I think food for a lot of people can be confusing so if you can simplify that, and inspire people to navigate their way towards a diet rich in vegetables first and foremost, then that's a good start.

Chesnut Kale Lentil Stew recipie

I champion the idea of eating with the seasons, and take note of provenance too; if I can, I go local. I have an interest in nutrition and find the science fascinating, yet difficult to navigate. Cooking as an expression of art / creativity, whilst being mindful of nutrition is my jam.

Festive Stuffed Squash (sprouts aren't just for Christmas) recipie

Tell us about some of your projects
Unfortunately in London a high percentage of people don't have a garden (me included), access to space to grow food, and are generally quite time poor. There are now lots of growing projects around, and I wish that more of us made time to get outside and join in with them or start our own. The smallest of spaces can be cultivated to grow food, it's quite incredible.

I've also worked as a specialist masterclass cooking teacher in Made in Hackney for the last three years, they are a fantastic example of bringing growing and cooking together within the community. 

At the Garden Museum we have worked with a number of growing projects and as a culmination of the project, cooked together some of the produce grown.

It's an amazing way of bringing the life of an edible plant full circle, and what's better than cooking, eating and sharing together?

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