Pet Peeves

Words by Jessica Peace

I am making a list and checking it twice… (Lemon tree please!) But when giving plants as gifts we need to avoid putting some plants near furry friends (and little’uns).


Well some Christmas classics, keep that mistletoe and holly hung high as they are moderately toxic, bulbs such Amaryllis, Narcissi and Crocus are highly toxic.  Poinsettias are slightly less risky and rated as ‘mild’. Watch out for Aloe vera, Asparagus fern, Jade plant, Mother-in-law’s tongue, Philodendron, Scented geranium, Swiss cheese plant.

This might be remedied by placing plants out of reach but call the vet if you notice a half-eaten Aloe and your  pet looking a bit worse for wear.

For more tips on bagging the right plants, and then not killing them! Have a gander at Nik’s book.

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