We discovered Posy Patou on Instagram and quickly fell for Camille's beautifully handmade and intricate paper flowers. 


Tell us a little bit about you Posy Patou...

Hey I’m Camille, founder of Posy Patou and maker of paper posies and symbolic botanicals. I hand sculpt intricate pieces that can be gifted as an unspoken message, or kept as meaningful keepsakes.


They're wicked! Where did you come up with the idea for them?

Thanks so much! Originally I planned to learn paper flower making to make prototypes for another product idea, but then realised I loved the process of paper sculpting and fell down the rabbit hole that is floriography!


How do you choose which flower to create? 

I start with something I want to convey, then do a lot of research into which flowers represent or relate to this in folklore and history. I have a shortlist and will usually gravitate to the most intricate and unusual.


What’s the best and hardest part of this running your own business?

It’s so hard to switch-off work mode when your work is also your passion. I had a small fashion label before and that was some serious deep submersion and a pure work/work balance! This time around I’m trying to time-out sometimes, and make sure I rest up the mind to enjoy the ride.


Which is your favourite Posy Patou design and why?

This has to be the Soulmate Posy, as the elements combined convey a timeless otherworldly connection, something that goes beyond romance.


Top London tips/spots?

London Borough of Jam is my favourite shop in London. Its perfect for those times you need to buy a gift, but really want a treat for yourself… but then you can be like what the heck, its JAM! It would be a huge disservice to the soul to deny yourself such a simple pleasure when it happens to be the best jam of all time.


I used to live near Pollocks Toy museum and this place is a tiny but special cavern of toy curiosities perfect for the child within, and its hidden away right in the centre of London.


Many a day I have spent scouring the fabric shops of Goldhawk Road for designer fabric remnants, and this little strip has so much history… Every time I step in one of those shops the colours and textures ignite so many ideas.


The Hoi Palloi at the Ace Hotel is my favourite place for brunch/ imagining I’m on a journey in the 1950’s . Theres nothing like the combo of wood panelling and good eggs in the cold winter months.


Three words to describe you?

Curious, Stubborn, Optimistic


Three words to describe your business?

Emblematic, Intricate, Personal


Fave flower/plant?



Fave pub?

The Coach and Horses, Stoke Newington


Fave restaurant?

Tayyabs Indian curry house in Whitechapel has the most insanely hungry and slightly crazed atmosphere, with the waiters whizzing about at double speed. I always come out smelling like curry for days but its 100% worth it as its so damn delicious.


Got any Botanist heroes?

I love the illustrations of wildlife artist Philippa Nikulinsky, she created an amazing book ‘Soul of the desert’ where she documented the wildlife found in the arid areas of Australia.


What's the future hold for Posy Patou? Anything exciting planned?

I am working on an exhibition of extinct plants and launching a symbolic wedding range for next year - I am super excited about this as I LOVE a wedding!


Parks or Country walks?

Always country walks! For the wildflowers and because I think pathways in parks are a distracting reminder that you are in some kind of organised nature.


Take a look at Posy Patou here. 


Images by Kat Green

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