Propagation Station: Make Your Own Natural Rooting Formula!

Getting your cuttings to root is absolutely key to successful propagation. No roots, no plant - it's as simple as that my friends!

All plants naturally contain a hormone which helps them grow and develop new roots when needed, but we can give them a bit of a boost. Whilst not all cuttings need help to get these hormones going, using a rooting formula is a good way to kickstart the process and improve your chances of success when propagating.

Why go natural?

You can buy rooting hormone cheaply and easily from most gardening stores, and whilst it's effective and convenient, it can be full of synthetic chemicals and things like talcum avoid, which you may wish to avoid especially when propagating edible plants - and lets face it, when it comes to plants, you want to keep it natural! So here are some our top picks for natural rooting formulas:


Cinnamon is known to be a really effective root stimulant. Simply put a little ground cinnamon on a teaspoon and dip the end your cutting in it before putting it into the rooting soil.

Cinnamon also has the added benefits of being a mild fungicide, and also helps repels certain pests. To get these benefits, either lightly sprinkle directly over the soil to tackle things like fungal gnats, or steep a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a jug of warm water overnight before straining into a spray bottle and mist the plant stems, leaves and soil to deal with things like scale or spider mites.


A little more bougie than the above option, raw honey is thought to contain enzymes that will boost root growth, and has the added benefit of having anti-bacterial properties to keep your young cuttings strong.

Put the raw honey onto a spoon and dip the end of your cutting into the honey before placing it in your rooting soil, or if you're rooting in water dissolve 1/4 teaspoon to some warm water. Allow to cool to room temperature before popping your cutting in it.

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