Words by Jessica Peace

ROSE WATER (the easiest one)

You’ll need a bunch of roses, a kitchen and some sterilised glass jars

Nip off your petals and rinse them gently in cold water

Pop your petals in a pan and cover with water

Simmer slowly until petals go pale (about half an hour)

Strain (but don’t chuck down the drain!) into a clean container or straight into your sterilised jars.



ROSE OIL (a bit trickier)

Grab a bunch of roses, some jojoba oil (it traps in the rose better apparently) and sterilised glass jars - natch

Boil a pan of water then leave to cool slightly

Fill a glass jar with jojoba oil

Pop the filled jar into the pan of hot water

Mash a cup full of rose petals

chuck petals into the glass jar and screw the lid

Ignore until water cools

Move jar to sunny windowsill and resist for a week

Sieve into a clean jar

Boom, rose oil.

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