This isn't the first time we've gone on about how much we love sweet peas and we're always sad to see them go as the seasons start to change.

Sweet peas are annuals, which means they're here for a good time, not a long time, but that doesn't mean their love is fleeting. As your flowers start to go over, you'll get a load of seed pods where your flowers once were, just waiting to be harvested and start the party all over again next year!


This is so easy you'll never go wanting for sweet peas again. Leave the seed pods on the plants until they dry out. This will usually happen in early September (they'll go a straw-like colour - looks scruffy but it's temporary and worth it). 

Wait for a dry day to collect them, pop open the pods and store them in an envelope or paper bag in a dry place until you are ready to sow again next Spring.


If you've just got one colour of sweet peas in your garden, chances are this is what you'll get next year, but if you've got a bit of a mix (or neighbours who also have sweet peas) you may end with some brand new combos thanks to the crafty pollinators enjoying these flowers!


Not got any sweet peas but want in on this next year? Get yourself some seeds here!



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