Sunshine! Glorious sunshine! We cannot get enough of the stuff. Give us a hot day with the rays beating down any time. But it's always important to remember (along with your sunscreen) that when the weather's balmy and beautiful, your fresh flowers need a little extra TLC or they'll be gone before you can say beer garden.

Here's some of our top tips to keep your fresh flowers looking their best, true all year around but especially on hot days.

1. Avoid direct sunlight. Those rays age your blooms just like it does you, so keep em somewhere shady and cool.

2. Change that water. Flowers will drink more in the heat, and bacteria will also grow quicker with the warmth. Don't just top the water up, change it entirely with fresh water from the cold tap.

3. Having the back door open for that summer breeze is a must, but keep your blooms out of draught's way - a cool spot with still air is best. If you've got air con, make sure your flowers aren't near any vents.

4. What's good? Remove any that are passed it asap to avoid shortening the life of those that are still alive and kicking.

5. Dry em out. Can't bear to part with your blooms? Harness that lovely dry weather to dry your flowers out. String them up and hang them upside down in a dry, airy spot and see what happens - always worth a try!

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