Dried or fresh? Light or dark? Sophisticated and simple or elegant and elaborate? 

Wreaths have been a mainstay of Christmas decor for centuries, and throughout this time there's been plenty of variation in what makes the perfect wreath. 


Traditionally, they would feature seasonal foliage adorned with berries and bows. The 60s brought about the glitz and glam with bounds of frosted tinsel and glittery baubles, and in more recent years, more minimal, stripped-back wreaths came about with bursts of decoration and sharp asymmetry. Today, the ‘more is more’ approach is definitely back, and with it an abundance of beautiful natural and seasonal decoration that allows us to get extra creative when designing our wreaths for you lovely lot. But how to know which is right for you? We put together the questions you should ask yourself when choosing your perfect wreath!

When do you like to start getting into the Christmas spirit?

There’s no hard and fast rule for when you should put up Christmas wreath, but it is something you might want to factor in. A good quality fresh wreath placed outside should last all December long, so you can put it up early in the month to ring in the festive cheer. If placing it inside you might find it dries out quicker, so wait until a little later in the month if you want it looking it’s best on Christmas Day. The second week of December should be fine for this, alternatively pick materials that will dry in nicely. If you simply can’t wait that long and want to get something up sooner, then go for an all dried flower wreath. These look beautiful in your home no matter what time of year it is!

Where are you going to put it?

The tradition is to put your wreath on your front door so that you can welcome the season very time you enter or leave your house, but don’t be afraid to flout this one.

Inside the home, wreaths work best in spaces where people gather - somewhere that it will be centre stage for you and your family and friends to enjoy as they visit over the festive period. This might be in your kitchen, above a fireplace in your living room or presiding over your dining table. These tend to be warmer spots, so opt for a dried wreath (or a fresh one that will dry nicely in situ) for a wreath that looks its best for longest.

Limited on wall space? Then a table wreath is a good shout - these make a beautiful centrepiece on Christmas day too! 

What's your palette?

Christmas palette has become a lot broader recently as people have experimented with making their festive decorating an extension of the overall design of their home rather than something completely different. You can't go too far wrong when it comes to a wreath filled with beautiful natural materials, but picking out colours and details to compliment your home will help you make a real statement and be the envy of all your mates.

Fresh wreaths with verdant green and jewel tones look great against deep, bold colours, and softer pastel tones work beautifully with more neutral palettes or if you’ve got lighter furniture or warm, light fabrics. That said, paler colours can also really lighten a space. Traditional wreaths with darker tones work wonderfully in some spaces, but sometimes you want to bring a bit of brightness, especially as the nights draw in. 

Ultimately, no matter what, bringing flowers and foliage into your home will always make a home feel warmer and more welcoming, and a wreath is a brilliant way to bring some instant Christmas cheer.

 What about your other decorations?

The great thing about a wreath is that it can be used as a brilliantly impactful stand alone piece, but also styled as a part of a wider scheme of decoration. You can style other festive accents in your home to compliment your wreath. Ornaments made from natural materials like wood work nicely, especially paler woods like pine. Glass is lovely too as it will delicately reflect your other decorations and lighting, creating a twinkling effect without the need for glitter. Another idea is to add pastel toned dried flowers to garlands for your bannister or mantelpiece. 

If you’ve got a smaller space or want to keep Christmas decorations more minimal in your home then a wreath is a great alternative to the traditional Christmas tree too. As you would with a tree, make it the focal point of a room you’ll be spending a lot of time in. Style it with candles and bud vases filled with the same foliage and flower that are in your wreath. If you want little decorative touches touches throughout, you can place these elsewhere in your home too.

Every wreath we make at Grace & Thorn is completely unique, and (of course) a complete stunner, so not matter which you go for you'll be on for a winner. Choose your favourite and book your delivery slot!

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