Words by Jessica Peace

Managed not to kill your lavender and rosemary? Fancy making more? Easy as mate. Hardwood cuttings are hard to f’up, just get the cut right and easy on the drinks...

Think HARD WOOD - you want to pick a nice, stiff, healthy looking stem about 10-15 cm long.

The CUT is below the node (the nobbly bit where leaf pops out), this is where the growth hormones are chomping at the bit.

NIP OFF a few of the lower leaves (bout a third) to save energy for making juicy roots.

FILL THE POT half compost/ half grit and chuck on some water.

SHOVE IN your cuttings to just below the foliage.

KEEP THE DRINKS LIGHT and in a few weeks give’em a tug and feel those mighty roots resist. BOOM.

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