You may have noticed, but we're a big fan of a good candle, so it was only a matter of time before we launched our very own, and not to brag, but it's a bloody good'un.

Our candle is all about natural goodness, made with soy and coconut wax for a smooth, slow burn with an amazing smell and no nasties involved!

We loved getting to experiment with our favourite scents to make the perfect, all-encompassing scent of G&T. We landed on tobacco, palo santo and jasmine for an amazing warm and soul-satisfying scent with the rich floral top note. Here's why we chose them:


Think less smokey, more woody, aromatic, and earthy notes. It creates the perfect base for a full, rounded and androgynous perfume.


Riffing off the woodiness of the tobacco, palo santo (which translates as 'holy tree') brings a more subtle, citrusy hit. If tobacco is oak, palo santo is pine. It is deeply nostalgic and burning it is said to bring a number of benefits, including energy cleansing, inspiring creativity and bringing love and good fortune. All round winner.


A floral like no other. Rich, sweet, and seductive. Jasmine is the scent of a gentle breeze on a warm summer's night, full of energy and promise. The heady floral makes for a heavenly match with the woody tobacco and palo santo.

As well as smelling dreamy, it's also a real looker with a label designed by @personality___crisis, lovely green jar and wooden lid that's just begging to be reused once you've finished the candle!

Don't just take our word for it, get yourself one in store or online today!  

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