Where to take the Don in your life

We’ve been scratching our heads for something nice to with the Dons in our lives for this Father’s Day (that didn’t cost the Earth and was all round Dad moan proof - you know what we’re on about), and finally have struck g.o.l.d. If your don Dad is anything like ours, getting them South is a nightmare but this might be the one.

TFL have devised a wicked walk around South East London (we know, we know, we’ve ventured South of the River), called the Green Chain walk. Stretching from the River Thames to Nunhead Cemetery, the Green Chain Walk spans the fields, parks and woodlands across 50 miles of the area.

Sights to see:

The 18th Century Gothic folly of Severndroog Castle (very G.O.T)

The Art Deco glam Eltham Palace (check out our trip round the gardens here)

Bit of twitching at Southmere

DINOs at Crystal Palace Park (spoiler: they aren’t real..)

Horniman Gardens and Museum (read our review here)

The Thames Barrier (does it’s job real well)

Loadsa parks, incl. Plumstead Common and Oxleas Woods

Split into 11 sections, it’s super easy to plan your pub lunch, cuppa and most importantly that rewarding pint, around the route. Lots of historical sights to see on the way, it’s signposted the whole way so you can switch that phone off and spend some quality time on your ramble. The whole walk is a full 50 miles so highly recommend just doing a bit, but up to you!

We joined at Penge (on the ginger line for all you Easties) and shuffled slowly down to Beckenham Place Park via a nice little walk through Cator Park. There’s a zip wire (that can hold an adult..) and the most incredible array of pine, monkey and spruce trees.

Moving on (after sheltering from the torrential rain), we rambled up to the final end point of Beckenham Place Park.

This park houses the most insane Georgian mansion (if you’ve ever imagined being in a period drama, this is one for you) and has been split up and repurposed into artist’s studios, a record shop, cafe, bar, yoga studios and loads more. Overlooking rolling green hills, the caff is perfectly placed for sitting with a well deserved cuppa after the walk down there, and is just plain beaut. They're also just finishing fitting out the lake so you can do a bit of nature swimming this Summer.

Take a walk up into the ancient woodlands at the top of the hill on your way out of the park. Remembering you’re 20 mins from London Bridge seems billy bonkers but means your Don has got a quick route back home.

(One of our top Dons loving life)

Find out more here.

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