Christmas shopping is always one of the more daunting December errands, so when we first launched our gift boxes a couple of years ago we wanted to make sure they were a way to experience some of our favourite products, all beautifully presented to make the recipient feel extra special. We also made the gift buying experience even more enjoyable, seeing some lovely items curated together and knowing they'll be an instant hit to whoever you gift them to!

To make the experience even better, we've pulled together this guide to help you pick the perfect gift box for that special someone (why not treat yourself to one whilst you're at it?)





If Christmas is all about taking time to relax, unwind and recharge then these are the ones for you. Our Run Me a Bath, Lady Muck & No Place Like Home Boxes are filled with everything you need to be unbothered, moisturised, happy, in your lane, focused and flourishing. Take a beat and indulge yourself with a bit of aromatherapy and a good soak.





Did the mention of aromatherapy pique your interest? Then keep reading. These are the gift boxes for those that know scent is key to creating that perfect ambience.

Spoil them with Smoke Box, a magnus opus of beautiful natural scents that includes incense with a gorgeous hand made burner, a smudge stick and palo santo room mist. The Chilled Vibes Box does exactly what is says on the tin (or box, in this case!) - perfect for creating a cleansed, relaxing space.

Got someone who likes to do things differently? Our Burn the Midnight Oil Box contains incense and fragranced oil for those who like to change it up.

Want to keep it simple? Our Call it What you Want Box and Way to my Heart Box both feature two of our absolute favourite candles, paired for a sweet linen lavender heart to spread some big love!




These boxes get back to our roots with a nod to our (and our customers!) love for all things plants! If you've got a garden lover on your hands, nurture their enthusiasm with both flowers and a vase to display their beautiful homegrown stems in with out Mushroom Vase & Seed Box.

More of a houseplant fan? Or maybe you've got someone who would benefit from a bit of greenery in their day? Then the Love Me Love My Plants Box is the one to help you #greenupyourgaff!




We're all about making things cosy for the winter and these gift boxes help you do just that. Add candlelit ambience with unique flair with our Twisted Sister Box - ideal for the friend who always hosts the best dinner parties and loves creating gorgeous tablescapes. 

Looking for a more chilled vibe? The Dream Box creates an atmosphere of calm with lavender that not only smells great but serves instant Provence chic to any space it's in - great in a little vase or just effortlessly placed on any surface.



You can shop the whole range of our beautifully curated gift boxes here!


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