Monstera Deliciosa aka 'The Cheeseplant'



Name Check:

Monstera Deliciosa. The cheese plant gets its nickname from the big holes in its leaves. Easy peasy. As for the Latin name, think of something big lurking in the jungle. No not Rambo. Monster-raa!

Difficulty Rating:

Foolproof, nothing cheesy about this easy pleaser.

The Deets:

With strong roots in the 1970’s, the cheese plant brings mixed waves of nostalgia. I fondly think of my nonna’s plant taking over the living room. But no matter how we feel about the cheese plant, it will forgive you. This is the perfect flatmate for a beginner, as it’s so unfussy. It’s a grower. People come to my shop and worry about the space, but I love big plants, they make a statement and look wicked. If you run out of room, you can start training the plant round a picture-frame and it is happily moved around the house. 

It’s all about the lovely, large, leathery leaves. It’s important to wipe regularly to keep them clean and your cheese plant happy. I also love using single leaves as flower displays, simply cut them off at the stem and sit in water.

(Pot sold separately)

Please note not all of our plants are in stock, as soon as we have it we will send it to you, usually within 7 days. Also please note that this photo will differ from the plant you receive, just like we are every plant is unique!  

Care Rating

There’s nothing cheesy about this easy pleaser

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