I am sure by now the word is out and terrariums are hot on everyone’s lips. At Grace & Thorn we have been well acquainted for some time now, perfecting the art and bringing the joys of this ecosystem to the masses (well, mainly easties) and hallelujah Terrarium Tuesdays are now a permanent fixture in the G&T calendar. Held on the first Tuesday of every month, this creative sanctuary sees everyone go home with a boastful expression and their own miniature garden in a fishbowl (they always turn out looking pretty awesome, no previous expertise required!) We provide everything down to the prosecco but if you want to try making a terrarium in gramp’s old beer bottle than be our guest, just bring it along*.

Email info@graceandthorn.com or call on 020 3637 1477 to book your spot on our next TerrariumTuesday, which will be June 2nd (spaces limited).

 * If you do bring your own container, please remember that vessels larger than a medium fishbowl may incur an extra charge for contents. We can’t be filing up your bathtub for free!




We like to think that our shop is a well curated plant gallery of sorts, so bringing together plant life with talented ceramists of the east only seemed natural. Our INSTAGRAM call for ceramists saw a wave of them cascade into the shop and our shelves are brimming with the most beautiful objects d’art. It is an unusual but apt marriage of natural creation and human ingenuity, with our concrete shelves home to the works of KIRA NI CERAMICS, ONE LITTLE NEST CERAMICS and SKANDIHUS to name a few. Pop into the shop for a little ‘look but don’t touch’ or take home your own unique piece of local art to cherish. During the August bank holiday weekend our ceramists will be taking over the shop, turning it into a pottery paradise, so if you are in the market for some locally made pieces of art you know where its at (details to follow soon).



Haven’t quite got round to making those shelves look as stylish as you had dreamt of on pinterest? Dreamt of a live wall as a backdrop to your sitting room?

Clearly, for us Londoners with our hectic lives, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. But it’s in our job description at G&T to help with devilish matters. We like to think that one of our, arhmm, many talents is knowing how to style plants for the home and creating your very own plantopia. We can provide this service and do site visits, talk through ideas and suggest ways to create visually exciting, enticing and just bloody wow statements in your home. We can take out all the procrastination by ordering and installing everything for you, so within weeks your have transformed your humble dwellings into an enviable plant paradise. Email us at info@graceandthorn.com if you are ready to ‘green up your gaff’.



The Spider Plant

Latin name: Chlorophytum comosum

The deets: If you are a 70’s or 80’s child you might have a strong opinion on the spider plant, with conjured memories of skinned rice pudding and mothballs. You might not believe it but this plant is making a serious resurgence. Originating from the tropical areas of Africa, the spider is ideal for the lazy planter owner. Extremely tolerant it won’t completely give up on you if you forget how to love it.

Fact: The spider plant is named after the ‘spiderettes’, its little mini off shoots, which dangle down from the mother plants like spiders in a web.

Inspire: The spider pulls off the macramé like no other. Hang them in your kitchen or sitting room window for a modern twist on a superbly retro plant.

Don’t kill it: Like all things, it can only put up with so much neglect. It will get thirsty in the summer but not so much in the winter months.

In Holland during the 1600’s tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold.