Devil's Ivy

Happy at home in the rainforest


Care rating You won’t find it easy to let this devil down
Pot size Choice of 15cm (Pot is sent with hanging attachment)
Height Approximately 30cm of length

*Please note that measurements are approximate and each plant will vary

How not to kill
Back to the roots

Our houseplant friends never forget their roots, and they’ll always be the most content when their surroundings mimic their natural environment. The name says it all, really. Handsome, charming and hardy as hell. You’ll sell your soul to him in an instant.

He’s that devil may care type lurking in the shadows; happy in many a dark corner as long as there’s some light to grow towards. He’ll make his own path as well, if you give him some handholds on the wall. Oh, and just to tempt you further, he’s a grower and a shower. Who could say no to those luscious leaves?

A little helping hand - With every houseplant we send out you get a handy little guide to help your new plant live its best life, including where they'll want to live and how often they like to drink.


He’s tired of hell and won’t go to heaven - give this gorgeous houseplant a happy medium between dark and light and he’ll grow so quickly his vines will surround you in no time. He wouldn’t be a devil if he weren’t easy as well. He’s content in deep shade as long as you don’t mind a slower start to his room domination, so if you’re in a low light situation don’t despair. On the other side of the scale, direct sunlight will start to burn his pretty little leaves eventually so it’s best to avoid a window seat.

Too much water will put out the fire in this beauty so wait until the soil is completely dry before watering. He loves a little neglect and won’t hold a missed drink against you at all. In fact it might just make him like you more. He loves a shower so mist frequently. If he starts dropping leaves get out the watering can sharpish, because you might just have left him a little too long. But don’t worry. This guy is a professional at bouncing back.

As tasty as our devil is he’s highly toxic too. Keep out of reach of children and pets to ensure they don’t sell their souls with a bite.

A powerhouse of the plant world, the devils ivy can grow up to 12 metres long in the wild. He’ll climb along anything in sight using aerial roots in order to reach the perfect vantage point. He knows what he wants and he’ll keep going until he gets it. That’s our kind of guy.

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