Prayer Plant (Maranta)


Name Check:

Maranta aka the Prayer Plant is named for Bartolomeo Maranta, an Italian physician and botanist of the sixteenth century. It has spreading leaves that turn upward toward evening, seemingly in prayer!

Difficulty Rating:

Easy as.

The Deets:

Prayer plant care isn’t difficult as long as you address its specific needs. As a tropical plant, it has requirements for humidity, temperature and water! Obvs. 

The leaves of the PP are strikingly beautiful. It has wide oval leaves with a range of variegation, depending on the variety. In the rainforests where it originates, the maranta plant blooms in the spring with small, white flowers. While this rarely occurs indoors, the plant’s stunning leaves more than make up for the lack of flowers.

When they receive the right care, the maranta plant is one of the most beaut indoor plants you can grow.

Pot Size: 12cm

(Pot sold separately)

Please note not all of our plants are in stock, as soon as we have it we will send it to you, usually within 7 days. Also please note that this photo will differ from the plant you receive, just like we are every plant is unique! 

Care Rating

No direct light please

Pot Size



Approximately 20 – 25cm inc. pot

*Please note measurements are approximate and each plant will vary

How Not to Kill Your Prayer Plant.

You don’t want to start off your new plant friendship with accidental sunburn, so keep him out of direct sunlight to avoid that deadly smoulder. He’ll chill out in fairly deep shade but he definitely won’t flourish until he’s pride of place with some indirect sun to worship. He’s a lover of moisture so ramp up your misting schedule and give him a regular shower to cool him off in those hot summer months. 

A regular bather, this cheeky chap likes it wet. If his soil is dry give him a good soaking, but always check that it’s mostly dry before you water him again. He’s not a fan of soggy roots. If he starts throwing out yellow leaves you’re going to want to hold back on the liquid for a bit – you’re drowning the poor guy with your affections. 

This houseplant wouldn’t be so stylish if he gave you a stomach-ache, and luckily he’s not toxic to pets or humans. Don't get cocky and have a nibble, though. We can promise he’s not going to taste great.

Back to the Roots.

Don’t be alarmed if you glance over one day and your pinstriped pal is looking a bit droopy; he’s just living up to his nickname. In the daytime he’ll put his leaves down and close together to catch those extra rays. The prayer plant is a bit of a party animal, you see. Wait until it gets dark and he’ll perk back up again, stretching his arms to welcome the moon and boogie all night long. Who doesn’t love a dirty stop out?




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