Words by Jessica Peace

We’ve eaten and we’ve drank and we’ve tried to be merry - and that’s about it for the last fortnight (or 6 weeks…), time we had another sit down with the Agony Plant...


We’re approaching the most depressing part of year - the arse end of winter, so better throw some St. John’s Wort at it.

Proven to beat depression, premenstrual tension and other stress related baggage like irritable bowel syndrome, this is the flower to reach for in despair. HOWEVER, even our Agony Plant admits this is strong stuff, so have a word with the pharmacist or herbalist at the counter before you pop it in your pill hole.


Dandelion and Burdock, there was a reason your Nan had this in the pantry, great for looking after your liver - and your hangover.

Our poor livers, what have we put you through! The least you can do get some Burdock Root inside you, it’s the trick to repairing the liver after too much alcohol consumption, promoting bile production and tonifying the liver.

Dandelion will knock out your bloat and flush out your system (thank you!). Dandelion tea also acts as a natural caffeine substitute if you’re being that brave!


Jumping on that bandwagon? You’ll need to make sure you’re replacing your iron, protein and B12.

Watercress is easy to grow on your window sills and doorsteps and is full of stuff for lovely bones and juicy muscles. With more calcium than cow’s milk and iron than spinach, each little leaf is pumped full of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin K to keep your skeleton sexy.

It’s the pea that’ll pack a good protein punch, apparently there’s as much protein in a side portion of peas as a glass of cow’s milk.


This is the one we all forget but it’s actually vital, particularly for the production of nerve and red blood cells and DNA synthesis. But even our Agony Plant can’t recommend a seed or leaf that will give you enough of the stuff, so make sure if you’ve dropped the meat that you are knockin’ back supplements or plant milks and cereals fortified with B12.


Mr Sunshine gets a bit tight this time of year, if you’re stuck in the office or your winter walk was cloaked beneath a heavy cloud then you’re not being showered in the vitamin D you need. Well, you can just stuff your face with mushrooms for now, they are bursting with it. Portobello, shiitake, button? Whatever you fancy get them shoved in your grub.

Fancy more herbal first aid? Have a nosey at our Agony Plant A-Z.

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