Our 2022 Valentine's window is up!
Inspired by Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE print from 1967, because let's face it, when it comes to Valentine's Day, love is pretty much all you need (we do caveat and dogs, but they're basically the same thing, right?).
Robert Indiana's LOVE is probably one of the most recognisable Pop images out there. It was originally designed to say FUCK before he redesigned it as a Christmas card commissioned by New York's MoMA in 1966, LOVE has since appeared in prints, paintings, sculptures, banners, rings, tapestries, and stamps (and now our window!).
For Indiana, LOVE actually came out of heartbreak, as his relationship with fellow artist Ellsworth Kelly came to an end, with the blue and green being a reference to Kelly's own work. Despite it's sad origins, it became a symbol of hope, idealism and revolution. It was the 60s, after all.
A few years after its printed conception, Indiana transformed LOVE into the iconic large scale sculpture that only went to further its fame, with editions appearing all of the world. Most notably, on 6th Ave in Manhattan, where it's the backdrop of many-a tourist selfie. But its meaning is much more than just a very Instagrammable photo opp.
In the words of Robert Indiana, “The ‘LOVE Sculpture’ is the culmination of work based on the original premise that the word is an appropriated and usable element of art, just as Picasso and the Cubists made use of it at the beginning of the century, which evolved inevitably, in both my ‘LOVE’ paintings and sculpture, into the concept that the word is also a fit and viable subject for art." In other words, all you need is love.
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