Welcome Year of the Tiger!

Lunar New Year, also called the Spring Festival by some, is a time for celebration, and like with all good celebrations, plants and flowers play a huge role in the festivities. Many of the Lunar New Year traditions serve to bring good luck and prosperity for the year ahead, and the plants and flowers used at this time of year are certainly part of that, with many carrying symbolic meaning. Here's some of our favourites:


Oh so pretty, and oh so symbolic. These delicate, beautiful flowers have long been considered a bringer of abundance, refinement and luxury. We'll take two please.

Jade Plant

With big, juicy, emerald leaves, jade plants are thought to bring about wealth, luck and good fortune, and are especially lucky when given as a gift (they're quite easy going too!)

ZZ Plant

They say money doesn't grow on trees, but this is another one for wealth and fortune. ZZ plants are a bit showier than jade plants and are easy AF to look after.

Peach blossom

This one's for the lovers. Thought to bring romance, it's particularly popular with those looking for lurrrve.


The lucky kind, specifically, which is actually not bamboo at all but is in the same family as the dragon tree! But just like actual bamboo, it is favoured for its strength.

Chinese Money Plant

It's in the name - with leaves that look like coin, the Chinese money plant, or pilea, is yet another on the list for wealth and fortune. Any excuse for us to get more plants. 

Mandarin plants

The Chinese word for mandarin just so happens to be a pun on luck and fortune, so naturally you want lots of these.


Delicate and sweetly scented, this is one of the most auspicious flowers this time of year. Grow them in shallow bowls with peddles and moss.

Peace Lily

Well known for their air purifying properties, peace lilies bring cleansing and healing powers to homes that have them.

Pussy willow

Stems adorned with silky fat buds, pussy willow is a sign of growth and the coming of prosperity!

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